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The city of Vancouver is located in the west coast of Canada in the province of British Colombia. The city is the eighth largest in Canada. The climate in the city of Vancouver is oceanic and sometimes it is called marine west coast. Usually the summers in Vancouver are dry. In fact during the months of July and August there is an average of 5 days of precipitation combined. The Vancouver weather can experience big drops during the winter but for a city this far up north its climate is temperate. Another thing that you should know about Vancouver is that it is one of the wettest cities in Canada. That is even when you take into account the dry summer months in the area.


There is no better time to visit the city of Vancouver than the summer. The weather is dry and very sunny and the temperatures tend to be moderate. July and August are perfect as they see temperatures with an average high of 21.7 Celsius (71.1 Fahrenheit) and 21.9 Celsius (71.4 Fahrenheit) respectively. At night you still may need a sweater when you go out as the average low temperature in July is 13.2 Celsius (55.8 Fahrenheit). The month of July sees over five times more sunshine than December so we at Vancouver Weather.Net definitely recommend the summer as the best time to visit Vancouver. Vancouver weather does see spikes in temperature but the hottest ever recorded was 33.3 Celsius (91.9 Fahrenheit) plus humidity.

What to wear

Vancouver enjoys warm, comfortable summers that are rarely scorching. June to August daytime temperatures linger just above 20° Celsius (70° Fahrenheit). Evenings, especially in the surrounding mountains, can be cool, so it's best to pack a light jacket and sweater.

Average Daily High Temperatures


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